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Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association


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Company Name: Falcon

What is Association Management System (“AMS”)?

It is one of the most innovative system that doesn’t have any presence around the Globe. The system will highlight the business strength of any association and its members in terms of its products, technologies, customer penetration and other related factors. The system will allow its users to have a global networking having a positive impact on their profitability. It would also allow the nation to positively increase its balance of trade through increase in exports.

Falcon Association Management system embeds a Falcon Search Engine that would be the first industrial search engine that will generate specific search result in terms of product categories or technologies. Efficient query-based system is also one of the key factors in creating ease of operation and interlinking between potential buyer and seller.

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            , sectors.title
             , sectors.image
            , AS rel_id
             , customer_sectors.image AS customer_image
             , sectors.description
             , sectors.keywords
             , sectors.created_by
             , IF(customer_sectors.ordering > 0, customer_sectors.ordering, sectors.ordering) AS ordering
                    -- , CONCAT_WS(' ', users.first_name, users.last_name) AS created_by
    FROM sectors
    LEFT JOIN customer_sectors ON(customer_sectors.sector_id =  AND customer_id='2')
            -- LEFT JOIN users ON( = sectors.created_by)
    WHERE 1  AND IN(11,20,29,1,35,4,21,7,3,10,12,18,6,17,16,15,13,19,22,23,24,41,28,26,25,27,30,31,2,33,32,34,38,37,9,8,36,39,40,42,43,5,44) GROUP BY ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 0, 4
  • Soap Industry
    Soap Industry
  • Aviation Industry
    Aviation Industry
  • Toys
  • Petroleum Sector
    Petroleum Sector
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  • Inorganic Chemicals


    Inorganic Chemicals
  • Flavors and Fragrances


    Flavors and Fragrances
  • Pesticides


  • Food Additives


    Food Additives
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Name: Haris Mansoor

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 03005489788


Address: Mussavvir Crown Plaza, Main Rashid Minhas Road Karachi


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